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Thursday, November 18, 2010 | 1:32 PM | 0 Comments

Iphone 4: The Best Smartphone

Smartphone summer is upon us. With the advent of a new messiah phone from Cupertino (Apple iPhone 4, $ 200 at AT & T), the first 4G phone in the U.S. (HTC Evo 4G, $ 200 in the sprint), and fast Android device on the market ( Samsung steal, $ 200 at AT & T), smartphone buyers have never faced a better slate of options – or a very confusing one. While it's hard to go wrong with any of these very serious challengers, should naturally reign supreme. We've pitted all three face to face, in view of the most important categories for the first phone call home to your pocket.

Winner: Apple iPhone 4
Screens on all three pages equate to big, bigger and bigger, with 3.5 inches on the iPhone, 4.0 to 4.3 captivate and Evo 4G. So as not to gain a little? This is not all diagonal span. As Evo 4G and Samsung steal offer less pixels (800 x 480) that four iPhone, which quadrupled the original iPhone pixels by an unheard of 960 x 640. Captivate also uses an OLED screen. While he seems more alive inside, it also washes out easily in the sun, and white to a blue unnatural pace. While most of the mass Evo 4G and Samsung steal can be high to watch movies, we are no evaluation site, media players. iPhone and outdoor livability text of ultra-sharp – something you will look a lot – make the most practical of the three.
Winner: Evo 4G
With both captivate and four AT & T iPhone's infamously hobbled sharing 3G network, and Evo wearing her first-4G-phone-pin in America, this is a no-brainer. Besides sheer speed, is also the only one that can double as a Wi-Fi router to share connection with other devices.
For what it's worth, the winner in second place in the middle of AT & T site is as easy to peg. Waiting on the iPhone 4 sucks. Despite the numbers Steve Jobs packaged in a PowerPoint presentation of the claim there was no problem with the iPhone antenna 4 (while at the same time announcing a way to fix the problem non-) collective complaints of thousands of iPhone users still speaks four different . Frequent dropped calls and extremely poor reception to make four iPhone much lower than steal to make phone calls.
Rear Camera
Winner: Apple iPhone 4
8-megapixel camera to have Evo 4G solutions for more than two 5-megapixel iPhone 4 and 5-megapixel captivate and search more manual controls, too. But this is only part of the story. IPhone 4 takes better pictures than the competitor.
The credit goes to the back-illuminated CMOS sensor Apple, which moves trace metal commonly found in the top of the chip to the back, blocking less light and improve the overall quality of the image. Subjective picture of the iPhone look bright four color richer. The two were Computerworld and MacWorld iPhone head-to-face with Evo 4 4G and found it took good shots, and our real-life testing showed that four lost captivate iPhone image quality.
Winner: 4 iPhone
Front-facing camera is still an innovation in the smartphone world, but also four Evo 4G iPhone and HTC offer them, and enslave owners are left out in the cold. At a technical level, 4G Evo again offers solutions: 1.3 megapixels for only 0.3 megapixels (VGA resolution) on the iPhone 4. But as we learned from the previous category, the number is not everything.
Severely limits the resolution bandwidth you're actually able to send on your phone, when videoconferencing, so 4G Evo can not actually make use of all the resolution that is on tap if there is shooting video for recording. The level of image quality ready to give credit to four Facetime iPhone, which allows users to start calls from 4 to iPhone iPhone using 4 regular phone numbers – no user or logging required.
Battery Life
Winner: Draw between Apple iPhone and Samsung steal 4
HTC's Evo 4G immediately gets booted from running here. The same 4G speeds give killer also kill the battery connection in a hurry, leaving him first to run out of gas, when these three pages to hit the road.
Playing it by the numbers does not lead to any clear conclusion among the left. Samsung captivate rates for five hours and 50 minutes of talk time and 340 hours of waiting, while rates for Apple iPhone seven hours of talks and 300 hours of waiting, making preparedness and iPhone champion captivate 4 king of talk time. While we are inclined to favor of talk time on standby, the battery life seemed to play out roughly equally in the two real tests of our lives, so we're calling it a draw.
Winner: Samsung captivate
Of course, it is a paperweight Evo 4G nonstarter here, but finding the winner between two phones left foot is not easy.
At 2.5 inches wide and 0.39 inches thick, filled hand captivate little more than iPhone 2.31-inch-wide (less than the width of pencil # 2) and measures 0.02 inches thick, very (approximately the same height five sheets of printer paper stacked up). Fortunately, there is 0.22 inches shorter and weighs only 4.5 ounces to 4.8 ounces iPhone. What is really most important? We would prefer a shorter, lighter phone, especially when she puts extra flab on the other dimensions is almost too small to measure.
Winner: Draw between Apple iPhone and Samsung steal 4
All three phones have processors running 1GHz, but to actually get a job done faster? If only there were an easy answer.
Here's the technical nitty gritty: A4 so-called system-on-a-chip in the fourth iPhone actually uses an Apple-friendly version of the same ARM Cortex A8 captivate found in Samsung. In other words, they share the same bloodline silicon. Evo's 1GHz chip 4G snapdragon, while rapid, has not run quite the same package as cell-powered A8.
What gives the best performance real life? It depends on what you're doing. In our tests, Web browser, 4 iPhone hardened steal on the same AT & T 3G connection, but in other countries, including Wi-Fi, and tests of PocketNow TechnoBuffalo, captivate won. In other tests shared between apps, both phones are hit or miss. For example, the iPhone seems to open Google Maps quick, while it seems to steal her camera app open faster. In practical terms, they are about as close as two smartphones come. Things to keep in mind: 4 iPhone still will not display Flash, so web pages will load faster naturally. And if you happen to be in an area 4G, 4G EVO HTC can load web pages at any time either.
Winner: Samsung captivate
For $ 200, and four 16GB iPhone captivate deliver internal storage, while the Evo comes with 8GB 4G only, putting it the right direction from the beginning.
Manages to captivate extends beyond 4 iPhone with the inclusion of a microSD slot. Besides lending flexibility (you can upgrade when you need space, rather than guessing at it when you buy the phone), it is also cheaper. While it will cost another $ 100 to get to 32GB of total storage at 4 iPhone, you can nab a 16GB microSD card and put on par steal for under $ 40. Even better, it can be expanded up to a total of 48GB by adding a 32GB microSD card, a four level storage iPhone can not touch.
Overall Winner: Apple iPhone 4
Evo 4G made a impressive showing as the first 4G phone back in June, but as you can see, this does not hold up nearly as well under the microscope in the other categories – at least when stacked against the best smartphones of other in the world. Real fight here is between 4 iPhone and Samsung steal.
If not too smart antenna design Apple's blown up in her face and shook the foundations of the company's reputation without glitch, 4 iPhone will be a standout winner between the two. Instead, steal larger capacity storage, OLED screen gorgeous, rock-solid connection equality and relative to other fronts to bring it as close to toppling the Cupertino giant like any Android devices will likely ever come . But not quite enough to call it an iPhone killer.
In apparent violation of the link between two devices (three wins iPhone, steal three wins and two draws), we had to take into consideration a number of other factors that should affect every smartphone buyers. IPhone 4 has a significantly larger library app (225,000 to 70,000), one feel stronger, an endless array of third party equipment, and historically, regular OS updates from Apple.
(Two-year 3G iPhone still can run IOS 4, while Samsung's first Android device, i7500 Galaxy, received such a poor support that inspired the 7000 signatures on a petition, and remains stuck in Android 1.6.) Taking all these factors into consideration, iPhone 4 remains a better buy, but with a star next to the sticky: Buyers living in areas with poor coverage – or to use their phones for business and can not simply Curse the fallen and telephone calls – should fall to host best-of captivate.



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