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Sunday, November 14, 2010 | 8:17 PM | 0 Comments

Motorola Charm™

Last month, T-Mobile launched the Motorola Charm in just $75, but this smartphone is already available for less. Charm is dedicated to the customers Android OS-based device with a built-in keyboard and focus on the message.
currently sells for 50 with two-year contract, $25 less than the starting price. Price without contract $270 has not changed. the fact that T-Mobile felt it necessary to decrease the contract value of this model within three weeks is probably a sign that the sales did not live up to the carriers expectations. Charm can be ordered at the new price on the website T-Mobile 88880009>.
Motorola Charm Overview, This model has recently been released tablet shape with a small keyboard, set below a 2.8-inch 320240(QVGA) touch screen. Instead of small D-pad or optical trackpad below the screen, contains Backtrack a relatively large trackpad on the back.
Charm by Google OS 2.1 and includes a new version MotoBlur, Motorolas software that sync contacts, mail, messages and images from sources such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail and other personal and corporate e-mail systems.

Of course, this smartphone supports T-Mobile GSM voice, and also offers 3G HSPA 3.6 Mbps, Wi-Fi b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR.
camera has a 3 megapixel, 2 GB microSD memory card, GPS receiver, 1170 mAh Li-Ion battery and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
Overall, the Charm is 3.9 inches x 2.6 inches x 4.45 inches(67 x 98 x 11 mm) and 3.9 ounces(110 grams).



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