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Sunday, December 19, 2010 | 10:48 AM | 0 Comments

Samsung One TV C3510T

Unexpected move that sent brave Samsung Touch Phone Interbrand can view analog TV locked. Thailand's first before the first Nokia Sony Ericsson and LG, and before that Thailand would be a small map of Thailand, the parent company in South Korea are not likely to invest in development for the Thai market and developing countries of this size.
I think I would still develop in Thailand sells for about 2-3 thousands per year per year, not including other developing country markets compared to the ratio of mobile consumers worldwide do not seem very worthwhile. Partly it is because of the cost analog signal lock expensive as they have no signal. Of course, digital. Another reason is the dominant goal is to Be One of the ASEAN market have come far, and Samsung would not dare to stalk Would like to try to calculate the cost Dedeooucid someday we can set the TV to Samsung.
Do not believe I have to believe that Samsung at the end of last year by sending launches Samsung Star TV TV in the price range for 6-7 billion baht and we can never deny that it would impact on the mobile market House brand. Local brand and all of course think it is just simply trust brand, Samsung was far superior then many treasure.
Mass destruction, but it probably will not fatal House brand as much because the market was occupied mainly by cost 3-6 billion baht anyway. This seems to be a period of time that a small brand in the wind to continue for some time until they find their way out.
But mass destruction during the Inter brand together, not to mention are right now that it destroy its competitors have had much when Samsung can meet the majority of Thai people, where you more, but do look lightly is not surprising. Samsung to hit the heart to eat the same market share alike.
Samsung will only stop at this? Not only Samsung does not stop this second wave of Atomic Khinam Touch Phone Market in Thailand are already occurred. And it must be changed in a lower market does not help.
That is the Samsung One TV-Touch Phone low cost TV for blocking the growth House brand and customer loyalty Inter brand renowned turned Switch brand to Samsung and it is likely to take customers new. But I have to touch phones, and TV features without having it sound Tang.
Why competitors will be hot is cold, went against it because of family, Samsung One is Touch Phone Inter brand at the lowest price in Thailand for about 4 billion and getting it over time, it would be to only 3 billion more than U.S. and chance features more TV. Prices must be in the area around 4 billion U.S. a little bit more does not help.
Not surprisingly, "In the Samsung One TV is one of the best options at a price of Baht 4 billion customers in the eye compared to what can be earned. (Except for customers who do not like touch phones seriously. I would turn to his mobile bar with buttons Prototype offline lot anyway).
Let's see whether you Samsung One TV Peng cool how well more than


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