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News Update

Saturday, January 29, 2011 | 4:35 PM | 1 Comments

2 Million Windows Mobile Phone 7 Behaviour Sold

Previously, many are skeptical about the latest Microsoft products, Windows OS Phone 7, which is predicted will not gain success. But in fact, according to Microsoft at least 2 million more licenses of Windows 7 Phone sold globally.

And, 93% of them claimed to be satisfied with Microsoft's latest OS updates. In fact, the survey data found that 90% of phone owners are interested in Windows 7 Phone / plan to recommend this OS to other mobile users.

There are interesting side of the Windows Phone 7, where the application is available for the OS is growing in number every day at the Windows Marketplace. Every day at least 100 new applications on display at the store Windows applications. Until now there are at least 6500 applications presented at the Windows Marketplace.

In fact, recently there is exciting news, on the 'USB tethering', which allows mobile Windows 7 Phone can be used as 'spot' on the Internet to the PC / notebook via a USB cable. So, the PC can access the internet via a 3G connection smartphone Windows Phone 7. Sure, to do USB tethering should do a 'hack'.

Windows Mobile 7 Phone that supports this while the Dell Venue Pro, Omnia 7, and others.


SmithJ said...

That's quite interesting, now Windows users along with Apple and Android devices have the ability to download TweakBox APK or AppValley APKP with the help of which you can download any app which cost real money for completely free.

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