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Saturday, January 22, 2011 | 4:53 AM | 0 Comments

Control Car with Nokia C7

Ever see the movie-themed British secret agent James Bond? Yes, in one of his film, entitled 'Tomorrow Never Dies', there are cars that run remotely using a control device. An interesting fantasy is not it?

Well, it turns out it was not a mere dream, where Nokia Asia along with two brilliant, An Jiaxuan and his friend, has developed the Nokia C7 into the remote control of a BMW car. It took at least 20 days for the second person to 'tweaking' C7, with software and coding. Includes experiments to try on 7 objects such as dolls robots and air conditioning.

After the test is satisfied, then both try to connect the systems of BMW car with the Nokia C7 hers. And, finally they succeed, where Nokia C7 could set the wheel of a car or other maneuvers. Possibly, software / application that is used is the application of system integration of entertainment, like 'Nokia Terminal Mode'.

Both are brilliant. In fact, the future they want to do it on something larger, aircraft. Hopefully it done:)


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