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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 | 12:35 PM | 2 Comments

Upgrade Android at Nexus One / S Filling 'Bug' in Access to SMS, I'll not stray

Recently, phone Nexus getting small upgrades in the OS sector. Nexus One will get v2.2.2, while S will obtain updates Nexus v2.3.2. Also, Samsung is also unknown Vibrant will also get an upgrade Froy, via OTA (over the air).

As is known, Android has a 'bug' or disability, which sometimes will send SMS messages to contacts that one stray alias. In fact, in sending the message number / name of the contact you sent the message looks correct. As a result, 'error' is felt disturbing.

Now, with Nexus upgrade to new version v2.2.2 Android, claimed to be able to patch the bug. How to manuals can be viewed here. In fact, for Nexus S, with a renewal of the operating system to version 2.3.2 is not limited to exterminate the issue of disability in the SMS, but it will also optimize the ability of its browser.


zul said...

the fact is i didnt use android..hehe

ID Creative said...

wah kang..keren..keren...
banyak belajar dari sini..
maklum,Newbie abiss...
share yah kang!!

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