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Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | 8:21 AM | 0 Comments

LG Wink T300

LG Wink T300 which is also known by the nickname Cookie Lite T300 into a new artillery in a fleet of low-end LG touch phone. Petite and slender form into sectors highlighted. In addition, the vendor has been enriched with features such as cameras, access social networking sites until the user interface is typical.
Design In terms of design, Motorola T300 looks targeting young people who need a simple-looking cell phone but still stylish. Compared with the size of the phone in general, Motorola T300 including compact dimensions, lightweight and tiny. Easily gripped and concise entry in the pocket.
Vendors wrap this candybar phone with a hard plastic casing that is less quality. To outsmart them at once to display the impression of luxury, Motorola T300 polished with a glossy finish. Unfortunately, the surface casing would be more easily soiled by fingerprints.
The quality of the casing is reduced to reasonable considering it includes Sony Ericsson T300 priced at below the price range of a million dollars. Concerning the quality, PULSE also highlighted the touch screen layer which feels less solid because the material is made of 'plastic' flabby. At least, there is the impression vulnerable when pressing the area.
Below the display area, there are three physical buttons which consists of the call key, the back button and end button. This phone does not provide navigation buttons, which means you will operate more in the phone menu via touch sensors.
At the back of the body accompanied by an embedded camera without the flash. 3.5 mm audio port and power button pinned at the top of the phone, microSD slot and the volume buttons on the right side of the body. While the left side you will find the microUSB port protected with covers.


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