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News Update

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | 8:08 AM | 0 Comments

Nokia E7

The existence of the Nokia E7-00 had been announced some time ago. In fact, this phone was already sold in auction in Indonesia, in the framework of charity. Only, indeed for the official launch in the market from 'The New Stylish Communicator' is still not clear his schedule.
Well, now it seems to be missed, where according to the report as reported by esphoneblog, rumored that Nokia E7 will go on sale to the market on 16 February. This news was confirmed by several other sites such as Giganti and Sonera, in which both sites are listed to confirm availability of E7 on the same date.
Interestingly, not only the distribution schedule, official from Nokia E7 also been revealed. Reportedly Nokia E7 will be released for 579 Euros (USD 7 million). quite expensive as well, almost equivalent to a smart phone HTC Phone Windows 7, HD7.


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