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News Update

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | 8:03 AM | 0 Comments

Sony Ericsson Back Affirm Will Focus on Android products

The Sony Ericsson seems to have been captivated by the output of Google's platform, Android. How not, this vendor has pretty much carrying out the Android smartphone, and some of which proved successful in the market.
Now, informed by the Head of Marketing Its global, Steven Walker, the Sony Ericsson confirms will focus on the Android platform for upcoming products. Sure, the decision to concentrate on the Android platform does not come just like that. One reason the Sony Ericsson felt the need to be behind the Android ecosystem, in order to create a solid ecosystem for consumers.
Interestingly, although the stated focus for the Android platform for its next generation smartphone, but related to the Windows platform 7 Phone the Sony Ericsson still not close the possibility to participate in adopting it later.


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